Enterprise Connect

Fize Enterprise solution enables carriers to unlock current insurance data to "Know The Customer" without asking a ton of questions. Offer a quick and seamless digital experience by enabling better decisioning to offer an insurance quote that is relevant and at a good enough price.

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How it works?

Configure your link
Share your link
Customer syncs policy
Instantly review data
Send data downstream

How it works

Configure your link

Customize your link configurations to ensure a smooth and delightful experience for your team.

Share your link

Effortlessly integrate and share your custom sync link on websites or via text/email. Simplify client communication by providing easy access to updates. Streamline interactions and enhance engagement for effective collaboration.

Customer syncs policy

Enable seamless policy sharing by allowing clients to sync or upload policies, mirroring the straightforward process of linking a checking account to Venmo. This user-friendly approach enhances convenience and ensures efficient policy management.

Instantly review data

Effortlessly access and assess your client's Home, Auto, and Umbrella policies in real-time through the intuitive Fize for Agents dashboard. Streamline your workflow and provide prompt, informed assistance with this powerful and convenient feature at your fingertips.

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Enterprise Connect

Do you require a customized strategy for your business?

Enterprise Connect

Enterprise Connect offers robust integration capabilities, allowing you to connect and streamline various systems and tools effortlessly. Whether you need to sync data, automate workflows, or enhance collaboration, our integration solutions empower your business to work smarter, not harder. With an intuitive interface and support for popular APIs, achieving interoperability has never been easier. Unlock the full potential of your software ecosystem with our integration services.
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Customise multiple instances of the SDK easily
Create, customise and get ready to use code that can be directly embedded on your website to get started with the Fize SDK.
Metric performance of your setup
Easily track the performance metrics of each instance along with the overall statistics of your integration.
Create and manage webhooks
Effortlessly setup your webhooks and intuitively select the events to broadcast.
Make it easy to do business with you!
Reduce time and effort required for your customers to get a quote.
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1:1 Demo or onboarding for Fize's Instant Connect for Agents.
Close better business faster!

Access Fully-Verified Existing Policy Data From Your Customers to Streamline & Hyper-Personalize their Experience

Make it easy to do business with you

Save 30 minutes you’d otherwise spend gathering data in order to present a quote. Your customers need recommendations, not headaches.

Offer prescriptive recommendations

Anchor your recommendations to your customer's existing coverage. Are they over-insured? Under? Glaring gaps? Kick that old "insurance is sold not bought" adage to the curb

Unlock new & incremental revenue

Agents enjoy up to 4x higher conversion rates when customers are empowered by the simplicity of syncing live auto and home coverages.

Level up your marketing funnel

84% of policy shoppers report they’d prefer the option of sharing policy data in exchange for personalized service, advice, price. Take the friction out of their search.

Access Fully-Verified Existing Policy Data From Your Customers to Streamline & Hyper-Personalize their Experience

200+ Carriers Supported

All major and second tier providers comprising of 98% of all active Auto & Home policies in the United States

Generate & Deploy Your 'Sync Link' In Seconds

Embed your policy sync link directly to your site, quoting app, or just deploy via email or text to your customers
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Instantly Collect All Coverage Data

Access dec pages, previous claims, ID cards, binders, asset Info, VINs, and 100+ additional fully verified data elements

No Coding Required

We're serious. Retrieved policy data routes to your email, our platform, and/or directly to your AMS or Rating platforms of choice