Hawksoft Setup Instructions

On the Fly with a Fize Link

After creating your Fize account, you will gain access to agent.getfize.com – the web interface for Fize. This is where you can also create a “Fize Link” to use outside of HawkSoft.

  • Log into agent.getfize.com
  • On the left-hand navigation, click “Fize Link”
  • Click “Create Link”
  • Follow the prompts and setup to complete the link configuration

This Fize Link can be useful when you encounter a prospective customer outside the office / away from HawkSoft (like at a ballgame or school event). We recommend saving this link on your phone – so you can easily give it to someone when you need to.

Within HawkSoft – using Fize with New Prospects

The fastest way to use HawkSoft and Fize together is to share your unique Fize link via email or text using the Fize correspondence template email/Text. 

Once the client uses Fize to sync or upload their policy information, you will receive an email to review their current (and prior) policy documents. Additionally, this email will come with a “CMSMTF” file – this file allows you to create a new Client File in HawkSoft (see details below).

If this is a client you want to do business with after reviewing their current policy documents, you can import the CMSMTF files to create the client and import the data into HawkSoft directly. The following steps should be performed on a computer running HawkSoft. For HawkSoft Online customers, this means doing the following steps in the remote desktop environment.

  • From the Fize email, save the CMSMTF file to your desktop or other desired location.
  • Double-click on the CMSMTF file from Step 1.
  • Follow the prompts to import the CMSMTF file and create a Client File in HawkSoft.
  • HawkSoft will automatically delete the original CMSMTF file after this process is done.

Fize can detect the new Client File once it is uploaded (automatically) to HawkSoft Cloud.  When Fize finds a match it sends an email informing you about the client and the latest declaration page is automatically added to the Client File via Fize’s API integration with HawkSoft.

If you don’t see this information arrive into HawkSoft from Fize within a few hours, you can trigger the sync on agent.getfize.com:

  • Log into agent.getfize.com
  • On the left-hand navigation, click “Sync”
  • Locate the prospect in the table of recent Fize Links
  • On the appropriate prospect row, click “Send to HawkSoft”

The log note from Fize should arrive within 15 minutes.


Compliance and Security

Fize is building the infrastructure that powers best-in-class insurance experiences. Deliver delightful, intelligent and frictionless insurance services, trusted by leading insurance innovators.

SOC 2 Compliance

We are SOC II Type 2 Certified, following strict information security policies and procedures.

SOC 2 Monitoring

Our infrastructure is continuously monitored for security and compliance.

Connect Securely

We keep your data encrypted every step of the way. We use 256-bit AES encryption at rest and TLS 1.3+ in transit.